Abs 3
Few principles to rule them all.
  1. Adjust your calorie intake depending on your gender, height, activity, and willpower: http://sareyko.net/leancalc

1.1 Create a negative calorie balance with less consumed energy (calories), more burned energy (movement) or a combination of both

1.2 Deficit of 300 calories from your daily TDEE is starting point

1.3 TDEE is the amount calories your body burns in a 24 hour period, sleeping, working, exercising, playing and even digesting food!

  1. Eat whole foods – meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fish, nuts, potatoes, honey, butter, etc.

2.1 Proteins are the most important macronutrient, fat and carbs should be adjusted depending on the activity

2.2 Focus on salads for satiety (fibres) and the normal functioning of the body

2.3 Limit all sauces, margarines, soft drinks, waffles, too cheap cheeses (both yellow and white), dried fruit (high sugar concentration)

2.4 Limit liquid food – milk, alcohol, juices, liquid cream and soft drinks with sugar 9- not good for satiety

  1. Drink enough water – 2 litres is a minimum

3.1 Urine should be transparent and odourless

3.2 Urinate at least 5 times per day

3.3 Moderate water intake reduces the risk of kidney stones

3.4  Coffee is not a diuretic

Nutrition and exercise are both important.
Nutrition and exercise are both important.

4. Eat more food less frequently – proteins and fibres need more time for to be digested

4.1 Aim for a small and late breakfast, a large lunch and a moderate dinner

4.2 You may skip the so “important” breakfast if you do not feel any hunger

4.3 Carbs for lunch (less) and dinner (more) – potatoes, fruit, whole grain bread

  1. Add vitamins and minerals during periods of calorie deficit but better spend the money for food

5.1 Fish oil stimulates overall good functioning of the body

5.2 Moderate intake of calcium helps fat reduction – 500 mg

5.3 Vitamin D3 is a must for testosterone production – 2000-4000 IU

  1. Walk slowly and for a long time for better energy expenditure and faster metabolism

6.1 Sweat is not a measure of fat loss – only of water and important minerals loss (the body cools down)

No breakfast, no anabolics, no cheap tricks.
No breakfast, no anabolics, no cheap tricks.